​Saliva PCR test in
Covid-19 negative certificate by a PCR test for international travel from Sapporo
​16,000 JPY

tax included

TMC Sapporo
Docho Annex Bldg 1F
Kita 3-jo Nishi 7-chome Chuo-ku
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-8588

Specialized  in negative certificate for international travel of the Covid-19 Saliva PCR test in Sapporo, Japan. 


Book a test

※We don't issue the certificate for Hawaii.

Please book your Saliva PCR test from following Button or QR code.

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How to take it

Price of a negative certificate for international travel with the saliva PCR test:

​16,000 JPY

tax  included

The certificate will be issued

on the test day.

1. Application 

Enter in this link or QR code with a smart phone.

2. Booking 

Book your test date and time with your personal information. You will receive the confirmation email from us. Please cancel your test by yourself with your smart phone if you don't need it.

3. Saliva sample collection

Come to take a Saliva PCR Test at the date and time that you booked. Please do not forget your passport. After online medical treatment by the doctor, please collect your saliva. You can leave from the clinic about 15 minutes later.

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4. PCR test

The medical technologist performs the PCR test with your saliva sample by the latest Real-Time PCR system. 

RT-PCR test system
5. Receive the certificate

You can receive the certificate on the test day on your smart phone. We will send you the URL for viewing the certificate by email.

If your test result is positive, we will call you on the same day of your PCR test.

Quick Help

16,000 JPY

tax included


Price of a negative certificate for international travel with a saliva PCR test 

Saliva PCR test

Test type

Make sure your country of travel accepts certificate of a saliva PCR test.



When you take a test.

On the test date


We will send you the URL for viewing the certificate by email. 

In your smart phone


You can download your certificate from the URL that we sent by email.

Check it by yourself

Test date

Please check which date you should prepare a negative certificate, and a certificate must be a paper or not.

Only from the web


Appointment is available only from our website.